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keep iphone safe from damage

Protect your iPhone

Your iPhone always comes with a hefty price tag. That makes you want to keep it as safe as possible from damage beyond the inevitable daily wear and tear. We have prepared some tips to help you protect your investment for a more extended period of using your phone. We were hoping you could use it at least until the newest model is on the market.

Stay Dry

Your phone can get damaged in many ways, but one is by far the most dangerous for your phone. We are referring to water contact. The most common issue among all iPhone users is water damage. Water is not bad only for iPhones, but for all electronic or electric devices. If you want your device to stay with you as long as possible, keep it far from any water drop. As a secret revealed, iPhone sets are more prone to water damage than other models. For example, during summer, it’s common to forget the phone in your pocket and then go to the beach or pool. Most of the users forget to take out their phones from their pockets before heading in the water. Rain is also a dangerous situation for your iPhone, so make sure it’s not raining before making a call.

Be Cool

If you thought water is not safe for your phone, please understand that heat is equally damaging to your iPhone. That’s why you need to avoid leaving your phone near sources of extreme weather such as the hood of a car or even the oven after cooking. Keep in mind that the internal components are also sensitive to heat, and it can conduct to frying the investment you made. So take care of your iPhone.

Keep out of Pockets

The screen is one of the most important or even essential and vulnerable parts of any smartphone, not only the iPhone. Every user must protect his phone from dangers, especially when it comes to the screen. Most of the phones were made to fit in your pocket, but this isn’t the safest place for your iPhone. Especially if you usually wear loose-fitting clothing and forget that your phone is there, you can easily damage, crack, shatter the screen while bumping against harder projects.

how to keep iphone safe

Invest in Protection

If you want to keep your iPhone safe from damage, one of the best ways to do it is to use a solidly built protective case, such as the Life Proof case. This case comes with waterproof construction and the ability to absorb shocks. This way, you can drop your phone or bump it into the car door without any worries. Also, you can be relieved to find out; it’s best to have a dedicated space for phone storage in a place that’s far from various hazards such as children, food, or pets.

Pay Attention

It’s best not to surf and walk, no matter how attentive you can be. It’s safer both for you and your phone, so use it while stationary. Walking and surfing is the easiest way to drop the phone and destroy it. It doesn’t matter if it’s on the water or the ground; the damage will be significant. It will not be possible to multitask with a broken screen at the end of the day.

Follow all these tips, and you will get ahead of the crowd! Don’t forget, things still can happen, but if you ever need help with a damaged iPhone, call us!